Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Breaking News

Breaking news today – coming Christmas. Merry Christmas to all readers of this blog and Happy New Year! I wish you peace and love in your life and success in your business in new 2013 year.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

RIGEL articulated video borescope on the Graveyard Carz TV show

Medit's "RIGEL" articulated video borescope was featured on the Graveyard Carz TV show. This affordable borescope can be used for a wide range of applications in automotive industry. 
See how Mark Worman detects some undressed rusty spots into the car frame using "RIGEL" videoscope.
More information about this borescope here

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Powerful Light Source

Borescope Light Source SPARK No doubt that the quality of light source is very important during non-destructive testing and inspection. LED light sources are used in optical endoscopy: in borescopes and fiberscopes.
SPARK LED light source is specially designed advanced NDT industry. It has a new LED chip, which is combined with a focal lens to produce 15% more light intensity then the most powerful light sources in the class.
The body of SPARK LED light source is made of high-grade aluminum with anodized finish. Due to the design the heat, produced by the LED element, is evenly allocated on the surface. 
The SPARK LED light source uses 3 standard AAA batteries, which can be purchased globally or in rechargeable form, Ni-MH, Li-ion or Alkaline, if you want to use it continually.
Portable and easy-to-operate the “Spark” LED light source is a must-have for routine remote visual inspections.
More details about this sofisticated light source are here  

Comparison of SPARK LED light source with competitors:

Comparison of SPARK light source to other oneLight intensity of SPARK LED light source in comparison

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspection Video with Triton Push Camera

Triton push camera is one of the best push camera on the market for drain and sewer inspection. Durable mini inspection reel with push cable lengths up to 200 feet. Unlike other systems on the market the Triton features a Kevlar braided probe. 

The 1.68" self levelling camera head connected to the inspection reel provides great illumination of the inspection area and a crisp, colorful image.
The Triton inspection reel also comes with a built in transmitter that operates at 512htz and is easily locatable with a standard receiver (this option can be added to the set).

Please see inspection video made by Triton push camera below

Monday, November 19, 2012

Rigid Video Borescope in Action

Rigid Video Borescope KINGFISHER
As you know, rigid borescopes have many advantages. Such borescopes include a system of glass rod lenses, stainless steel probe with eyepiece. They provide a very clear image. But there is one little problem - you can generally make eye inspections, without recording. And what  if you want to keep your nice moments of work forever?  
Here comes Kingfisher video borescope - combination of rigid borescope with high precision optics and video scope with monitor and recording function.

 The Kingfisher rigid video borescopes are used in many areas of inspections including gun barrels, pipes, castings etc. All of these scopes feature glass rod lenses, a complimentary LED light handle for illumination, and an optional angle of view of 0, 30, 70, 90, or in some sizes 110 degrees. Diameter can be 2.7 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm. 
The video camera chip provides a clear, colorful image of the inspection area, which is displayed on portable monitor.  You can view image on monitor or record it to SD card or see live view on external larger TV monitor. 

Please review sample images of objects just 0.01 mm in size. The focus distance of Kingfisher rigid video borescope is from 1 cm to infinity, so it is possible to view very small objects. 

A video output jack transfers the image to a larger TV monitor allowing you to discuss repairs, and troubleshooting directly with customers.

As you can see here, Kingfisher videoscope can be used as a microscope. The smallest parts are visible

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rigel Videoscope Helps Scientific Researches

Dr. Stanley Fox and Enrique Santoyo-Brito from Oklahoma State University looked for a videoscope to assist them in their field work regarding care of young leopard lizards by adult leopard lizards in deep rock crevices in Chile. They decided to use Rigel 2-way articulating video borescope for their research, as they wanted to visualize rock refuges, used by leopard lizards, and take video and still images of the lizards inside the refuges. These refuges are located in natural rock formations with small entry points and little natural light. The Rigel videoscope was a good fit with its articulated probe and built in LED lights to allow them to get a good look at the larger areas in the rock formations and locate the lizards. Please look at some photos in the deep rock crevices.
For information - Rigel Videoscope consists of Monitor base with recording function and high resolution screen and flexible probe. Probe diameter can be 3.9 mm or 5.5 mm, and length from 1 to 3 meters. Probe can be bent in 2 directions and turn around, which makes  possible about 360 degrees observation. High resolution of image, convenient design and portability make this videoscope a nice choice for scientifc research works, as well as for different industrial applications: automotive, aviation, plumbing, security and many others. 
More details about this and similar videoscopes are here.

The equipment: Videoscope Rigel, Telemetry and Remote Query for PIT tags

Inserting Probe of Videoscope Rigel into area of refuges in rock formations. Please note that only thin diameter of probe can assist here. 

Lizard's face via video borescope

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ultra Narrow Pipe Inspection Camera

Push camera is a very useful tool for contractors who seek reliable equipment for inspection of ducts, pipes,  sewers and other parts of city and house system. Plumbers use them, who need to look inside pipes to find out where leaks or cracks exist. Since it is very difficult to determine the section of a burst pipe without being able to see it, this is where push cameras become very useful.
I found interesting video for specialists who are looking for professional narrow pipe camera that will be able to navigate through 90 degrees elbows. The 7/8" Micro camera head is equipped ultra bright LEDs and provides great illumination of the inspection area and a colorful image. This pipe camera is designed for 65 psi, fully water proof and can be used as a sewer camera, drain camera, or camera for a gas pipe inspection.
If you want details about this camera, they are here 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Using Rigid Borescope with USB Video Camera for Industrial Inspection

Rigid Borescope with LED light handle attachedRigid Borescopes are computer-designed and manufactured devices with high resolution glass optics. Often Servicemen and Technicians prefer videoscopes neglecting valued optical Rigid Borescope.
These units provide much higher resolution image than flexible fiberscopes or videoscopes, due to their direct glass lenses. Unlike videoscope, that have a small camera in the tip of probe, video camera is installed at the eyepiece of Rigid Borescope and catches a complete view of higher resolution. The sensor size of camera is larger than the videoscope tiny camera. This results in crystal clear image.

Rigid Borescope with Video Camera attached

The body of borescope, light post and insertion tube are manufactured of stainless steel. All exterior elements are well adjusted and fluid resistant. The coated rod lenses in the optical system provide brilliant image quality with great contrast and brightness.

Important features:
• Insertion tube diameter: 2.7 mm (0.11"), 4 mm (0.16"), 5 mm (0,2") or 6 mm (0.24").
• Angle/ Direction of View (DOV): 0°, 30°, 70°, 90° or 110°.
• 55°  Field of View (FOV)                      
• ACMI, STORZ, WOLF Light post connection                 
• 32mm standard round rigid scope Eyepiece
• Rod lens optical system

Rigid borescopes wonderfully couple with borescope camera ImagePRO USB camera. The high resolution image or video from borescope camera can be viewed and recorded at any laptop. 
Please review the following video of sample inspection with rigid borescope and endoscopic USB camera
If you need further information about rigid borescopes, please visit this page 
If you're interested in ImagePRO USB camera, you can find more details here

Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Heavy Duty Push Camera

Many experts look for really heavy duty narrow push cameras. Triton push camera offers a nice choice with a small camera less 1 inch. 

Push camera for sewer inspections TRITON
The push camera Triton consists of two parts:

First, is the durable mini reel with push cable lengths up to 70 meters. One of the most sensitive parts of any pipeline camera is the push rod. Unlike other systems on the market the Triton features a Kevlar braided probe. Kevlar is a highly resistant material that is widely used for making bullet proof vests.
 The probe has 7/8" camera head connected to the inspection reel provides great illumination of the inspection area and a crisp, colorful image. The camera is protected by sapphire glass. 
 The Triton inspection reel has a transmitter that operates at 512 Hz and is easily locatable with a standard receiver (this option can be added to the set).

Second,Triton push camera includes 10.4” color wide screen monitor with recording function. Data can be saved directly to Ipod, Ipad or USB drive. Recordings are made in a high quality H.264 format.
 Other features include an on-screen counter for how much of the probe has been inserted, adjustable lighting control, click touch controls, and a rechargeable battery which holds a two hour charge.  

You can find more information here

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Ultra Fine Videoscope

As I promised - now Ultra Fine Videoscope is available!
Videoscope with articulation RIGEL
The popular Rigel videoscope is supplied now with 4mm diameter insertion probe. This industrial articulated borescope is an affordable unit and has two way articulating tip with 350 degree independently rotating probe that can be detached from the handheld monitor in seconds. The probe is water, oil, gas, diesel proof and rugged enough for everyday inspections.
This videoscope has a highly durable stainless steel braided probe and 3 bright LEDs incorporated in the camera tip and over 90 degree articulation each direction.
Light intensity is easily controlled by a finger. The bright, 3.5” monitor provides you with detailed clear images. Live and stored images are displayed in color on the integrated LCD screen with resolution of 720x480 pixels.
Files are captured to an SD memory card (included), and captured images and video can be downloaded directly to a computer or laptop via a USB cable.
For more information please visit this page

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sewer Camera for Home Inspector

Sewer camera ANACONDA
Today home inspectors can't imagine their life without helpful gadgets and tools. 
 New modern technologies highly improve their work. Sewer cameras (or pipe inspection cameras) are a bright example what highs home inspection reached.Sewer camera will save you time, improve your image as a professional contractor and increase your profit.
  • First, you can use a sewer camera to inspect and identify a problemeither in sewer, water, drain, storm mainline or laterals - blockage, crack, etc.
  • Second, you can show the findings to your client and document it.
  • Third, you can make final check up after repairing to be sure everything is done well.
You can find more information about sewer cameras here 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Snake Camera - How to Make a Right Choice

Inspection Camera VOYAGER
Buying a new snake camera is never something that should be rushed into, especially since the type of camera that you end up choosing could have a major effect on your performance when doing plumbing jobs around town. 
You will therefore want to take some time to figure out which model of snake camera would be best suited to the needs of your business, and a great way to find out this kind of information is to request the opinions of other plumbers who may have purchased the same snake camera model that you are currently interested in buying for yourself. 
 You can consider Voyager inspection camera by MEDIT as of the  most affordable and versatile video borescope for basic inspections. The 5.5mm (0.22”) or 9.5mm (0.37”) diameter probes feature a flex and stay, semi-obedient design, which will hold a bend or curve until it is physically bent back. These interchangeable probes have three lengths available to access a variety of inspection areas. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super Thin Videoscope with Articulation

4mm Articulated Videoscope RIGEL
As you know small diameter of videoscope probe allows you to observe more details in hidden places. Sometimes the entry is very small, just several millimeters. A videoscope with small diameter of probe can let you observe every tiny place. 
Soon everybody will be glad to find a new videoscope Rigel with 4 mm diameter and 2-way articulation. The probe of this videoscope is gas, diesel, oil, and water proof. The camera with powerful light source offers clear color image on the display with high resolution. Its features are similar to its brother - 5.5 mm Rigel - but with much smaller probe!
I think that this videoscope is a must-have for automotive and aviation industry and many other applications.
See more details about Rigel 4mm articulated videoscope here

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cobra Pole Inspection Camera Part 2

Let's go again on describing pole camera Cobra. The Cobra Inspection camera is a battery operated system with a telescoping shaft for viewing difficult-to-access areas either above or below ground. 
One more interesting feature: It has TFT LCD monitor that displays a clear image.  You can work on batteries for 3.5 hours in daylight or 3 hours in complete darkness. The charging of the battery only takes 2.25 hours.
Please see another sample video taken by Cobra Inspection Camera, and I will tell you some about working with this camera in the next post. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cobra Pole Inspection Camera Part 1

This post starts description of the pole camera Cobra. The Cobra Inspection camera is a battery operated system with a telescoping shaft for viewing difficult-to-access areas either above or below ground. This camera helps you to inspect attics, suspended ceilings, eavestrough's, gutters, sewers or wells.
This Inspection Camera is very easy to handle and gives you a very crisp and clear image either in daylight or darkness away from light thanks to its built-in IR LED lights. The telescoping of the pole allows you to view from 1.6 m to 4 m away. Please see sample video taken by Cobra Inspection Camera, and I will tell you some more details in the next post. Stay with us!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Videoscope for car maintenance

Articulated Videoscope QUASAR
Do you find it difficult to observe inner parts of engine? Videoscope with thin insertion probe will help you. 
You can inspect hidden and small parts of cylinder block and other parts. Image is transmitted from camera to the monitor with high resolution. The closer object to the tip of the videoscope, the larger it will be on screen. Then you can record image or video to SD card for further consideration if the repair case is difficult. The probe with 2-way articulation helps you to see every bit of inspected area.
Most car services like to use videoscopes. They support high quality car repair and make it faster. 
Videoscope Quasar can help you greatly, because it has a very durable steel braided insertion probe. You will not scratch it against shard edges of metal parts. Powerful LED light source in the end of probe illuminates well the area of inspection. About 3 meters length and 4 mm diameter of the probe provide access to every hard-to-reach place of engine. 
See more about Quasar videoscope here

Friday, August 31, 2012

Super thin micro flexible borescope for power station

Super thin micro borescope
Recently people from electric power station requested super thin flexible borescope. It is amazing how small such a borescope can be! We provided this super thin borescope with diameter only 1.0 mm! And the length was 152 cm! You can imagine how carefully one should work with such a fragile thing. 
But it is worth it. Sometimes it is required to observe details in very small areas, where only such a small probe can go. And this super thin borescope is supplied with free light source that provides a nice illumination of inspected area. It is also possible to attach a video camera to see all things on a large screen.

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Super Thin Videoscope for PT6 Turbine Inspection

As you can see from the following video, the new super thin 3.9 mm Videoscope Pegasus is perfect for inspection of aviation turbines and engines. And what's more - it is very easy to operate with one hand due to Joystick-controlled 4-way articulation. You can find more details here

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Videoscope is a great tool for police inspection

The following video shows how a videoscope can help to make under-door inspections. Smart tool for police and special services. This video has been made with the help of this videoscope - please click the link.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rigel Videoscope Overview

Watch this informative overview of the RIGEL video borescope. 
This device is featured image/video capture function, 3.5" scratch proof display and insertion probe with an ultimate, two way tip articulation.
Find out more about RIGEL borescopes on this page.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Borescope in turbine inspection

A good article about use of video borescopes in turbine inspection. Well, turbine inspection is a very important thing, if you have ever been in jet plane, you will agree with me.
Please read this article here

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Metal casting inspections

Metal casting inspection with rigid borescope
Industrial machines, tools, engines, turbines have countless metal parts with casting. metal casting needs precise inspections because the quality can easily affect the whole device.
Please read the following wonderful article about Metal Casting Inspections and how it is done today.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rental Services for Borescopes and Fiberscopes

Today one of the most popular services around the world is rental services for borescopes, videoscopes and fiberscopes.
If a company cannot afford an expensive videoscope or fiberscope, they can still enjoy benefits of remote visual inspection of hard-to-reach places.
You can read a nice article about rental services for borescope here.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Piston and valves inspection with RIGEL video borescope

Piston and valves inspection made with RIGEL video borescope. This device is featured handheld monitor and interchangeable, 2-way articulation insertion probe. 
You can learn more about this borescope here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Skids to Protect Push Camera and Make Your Inspection Efficient

Pipe camera with skid attached
Special skids allow the camera to be centered in the pipe. It is very important to provide high quality image of inspection. These skids prevent the camera from damage in case of any traps or obstacles inside. 
They are made from heavy duty composite nylon and would be good addition to your sewer or drain camera. There are different types of skids you can choose from.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Handheld Snake Camera

ISnake handheld snake camera
Please meet new iSnake handheld snake camera! This universal tool can be used for remote visual inspection. You can inspect pipelines, sewers or drains, air or chimney ducts. It is easy to operate and one person can easily use all of its features.
Due to a new CCD camera chip which features 1,300,000 pixel resolution, and faster processing, you get a crisp and detailed image on the integrated 3.5" color monitor. The camera and push rod are completely water/oil proof (IP68).  The iSnake camera features easy to use, large ergonomic controls, and an intuitive operation. 
Files are captured to SD memory card, and captured images and video can be downloaded directly to a computer or laptop via a USB cable. A video output jack can transfer the live image to a larger TV monitor. 
Please contact me, if you need more assistance. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pumper & Cleaner Expo

At the end of February our Exectutive Director Vitaly Ananyev and Technical Specialist Terry Peristerakis traveled to Indianapolis to attend the Pumper & Cleaner Expo. The expo ran from February 27th until March 1st, with over 10,000 attendees and more than 500 exhibitors, it focused on septic, drain, and sewer systems, maintenance and installation. Our booth was focused on promoting our pipe inspection products, and we met a lot of interesting people, and made some good contacts.   

Featured at our booth was our “Anaconda”Pan-and-Tilt Push Camera Videoscope, the “Viper” Portable Push Camera, the “ViperS” Portable Push Camera as well as the “Voyager” Video Borescope. We got some good feedback regarding our products and pricing, with people commenting that the “Viper S” is one of the best priced units on the market.
You can read more about these products here and here

Friday, April 20, 2012

Why Should i Use Snake Camera?

Snake Camera VOYAGER
Recently I visited several forums in various spheres: plumbing, car repair and others. I was amazed how popular so called snake cameras were. Many technicians look for economical still efficient solution of their inspection needs.   
A snake camera consists of a color monitor and a flexible probe with a camera and LED light source in the tip. Length 1 or 2 meters are among the most popular.  There are many offers and much competition in the market.  
Once I discussed what snake camera is the best for car inspection.  Quite often one considers only pricing. No doubt, it is one of important aspects. But apart from price there are many others: convenience of use and design, reliability and after-sales service and so on.
Please, read a nice article about snake cameras. You will find a nice comparison and professional description of snake cameras available on the market.