Thursday, April 26, 2012

Handheld Snake Camera

ISnake handheld snake camera
Please meet new iSnake handheld snake camera! This universal tool can be used for remote visual inspection. You can inspect pipelines, sewers or drains, air or chimney ducts. It is easy to operate and one person can easily use all of its features.
Due to a new CCD camera chip which features 1,300,000 pixel resolution, and faster processing, you get a crisp and detailed image on the integrated 3.5" color monitor. The camera and push rod are completely water/oil proof (IP68).  The iSnake camera features easy to use, large ergonomic controls, and an intuitive operation. 
Files are captured to SD memory card, and captured images and video can be downloaded directly to a computer or laptop via a USB cable. A video output jack can transfer the live image to a larger TV monitor. 
Please contact me, if you need more assistance. 

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