Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Heavy Duty Push Camera

Many experts look for really heavy duty narrow push cameras. Triton push camera offers a nice choice with a small camera less 1 inch. 

Push camera for sewer inspections TRITON
The push camera Triton consists of two parts:

First, is the durable mini reel with push cable lengths up to 70 meters. One of the most sensitive parts of any pipeline camera is the push rod. Unlike other systems on the market the Triton features a Kevlar braided probe. Kevlar is a highly resistant material that is widely used for making bullet proof vests.
 The probe has 7/8" camera head connected to the inspection reel provides great illumination of the inspection area and a crisp, colorful image. The camera is protected by sapphire glass. 
 The Triton inspection reel has a transmitter that operates at 512 Hz and is easily locatable with a standard receiver (this option can be added to the set).

Second,Triton push camera includes 10.4” color wide screen monitor with recording function. Data can be saved directly to Ipod, Ipad or USB drive. Recordings are made in a high quality H.264 format.
 Other features include an on-screen counter for how much of the probe has been inserted, adjustable lighting control, click touch controls, and a rechargeable battery which holds a two hour charge.  

You can find more information here

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