Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Inspection Video with Triton Push Camera

Triton push camera is one of the best push camera on the market for drain and sewer inspection. Durable mini inspection reel with push cable lengths up to 200 feet. Unlike other systems on the market the Triton features a Kevlar braided probe. 

The 1.68" self levelling camera head connected to the inspection reel provides great illumination of the inspection area and a crisp, colorful image.
The Triton inspection reel also comes with a built in transmitter that operates at 512htz and is easily locatable with a standard receiver (this option can be added to the set).

Please see inspection video made by Triton push camera below

Monday, November 19, 2012

Rigid Video Borescope in Action

Rigid Video Borescope KINGFISHER
As you know, rigid borescopes have many advantages. Such borescopes include a system of glass rod lenses, stainless steel probe with eyepiece. They provide a very clear image. But there is one little problem - you can generally make eye inspections, without recording. And what  if you want to keep your nice moments of work forever?  
Here comes Kingfisher video borescope - combination of rigid borescope with high precision optics and video scope with monitor and recording function.

 The Kingfisher rigid video borescopes are used in many areas of inspections including gun barrels, pipes, castings etc. All of these scopes feature glass rod lenses, a complimentary LED light handle for illumination, and an optional angle of view of 0, 30, 70, 90, or in some sizes 110 degrees. Diameter can be 2.7 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm. 
The video camera chip provides a clear, colorful image of the inspection area, which is displayed on portable monitor.  You can view image on monitor or record it to SD card or see live view on external larger TV monitor. 

Please review sample images of objects just 0.01 mm in size. The focus distance of Kingfisher rigid video borescope is from 1 cm to infinity, so it is possible to view very small objects. 

A video output jack transfers the image to a larger TV monitor allowing you to discuss repairs, and troubleshooting directly with customers.

As you can see here, Kingfisher videoscope can be used as a microscope. The smallest parts are visible

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rigel Videoscope Helps Scientific Researches

Dr. Stanley Fox and Enrique Santoyo-Brito from Oklahoma State University looked for a videoscope to assist them in their field work regarding care of young leopard lizards by adult leopard lizards in deep rock crevices in Chile. They decided to use Rigel 2-way articulating video borescope for their research, as they wanted to visualize rock refuges, used by leopard lizards, and take video and still images of the lizards inside the refuges. These refuges are located in natural rock formations with small entry points and little natural light. The Rigel videoscope was a good fit with its articulated probe and built in LED lights to allow them to get a good look at the larger areas in the rock formations and locate the lizards. Please look at some photos in the deep rock crevices.
For information - Rigel Videoscope consists of Monitor base with recording function and high resolution screen and flexible probe. Probe diameter can be 3.9 mm or 5.5 mm, and length from 1 to 3 meters. Probe can be bent in 2 directions and turn around, which makes  possible about 360 degrees observation. High resolution of image, convenient design and portability make this videoscope a nice choice for scientifc research works, as well as for different industrial applications: automotive, aviation, plumbing, security and many others. 
More details about this and similar videoscopes are here.

The equipment: Videoscope Rigel, Telemetry and Remote Query for PIT tags

Inserting Probe of Videoscope Rigel into area of refuges in rock formations. Please note that only thin diameter of probe can assist here. 

Lizard's face via video borescope

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ultra Narrow Pipe Inspection Camera

Push camera is a very useful tool for contractors who seek reliable equipment for inspection of ducts, pipes,  sewers and other parts of city and house system. Plumbers use them, who need to look inside pipes to find out where leaks or cracks exist. Since it is very difficult to determine the section of a burst pipe without being able to see it, this is where push cameras become very useful.
I found interesting video for specialists who are looking for professional narrow pipe camera that will be able to navigate through 90 degrees elbows. The 7/8" Micro camera head is equipped ultra bright LEDs and provides great illumination of the inspection area and a colorful image. This pipe camera is designed for 65 psi, fully water proof and can be used as a sewer camera, drain camera, or camera for a gas pipe inspection.
If you want details about this camera, they are here