Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ultra Narrow Pipe Inspection Camera

Push camera is a very useful tool for contractors who seek reliable equipment for inspection of ducts, pipes,  sewers and other parts of city and house system. Plumbers use them, who need to look inside pipes to find out where leaks or cracks exist. Since it is very difficult to determine the section of a burst pipe without being able to see it, this is where push cameras become very useful.
I found interesting video for specialists who are looking for professional narrow pipe camera that will be able to navigate through 90 degrees elbows. The 7/8" Micro camera head is equipped ultra bright LEDs and provides great illumination of the inspection area and a colorful image. This pipe camera is designed for 65 psi, fully water proof and can be used as a sewer camera, drain camera, or camera for a gas pipe inspection.
If you want details about this camera, they are here 

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