Monday, May 4, 2015

The difference between a conventional borescope and a pipe inspection robot

Recently, we have received several requests from our clients asking us to explain the difference between a conventional borescope and a pipe inspection robot, and we would like to address this matter today.

So, what are pipe inspection robots, and how are they different from other traditional viewing devices?

First, of all a pipe inspection robot is a ROBOT – that’s what it is. What does that mean for you? That means greater independence from the operator, higher speeds, image quality and overall efficiency.

Greater independence: Pipe inspection robots, like our new STORMER S3000, travel within a pipeline on their own. Operators can adjust speed and illumination intensity depending on the inspection requirements, while the inspection robot examines the pipe, delivering high-quality, life-like images of the pipeline interior. In our case, STORMER S3000 features innovative highly adjustable design that allows you to inspect pipes from 150 mm (5.9”) to 1 m (40”) in diameter. The front camera mount can be used to examine pipes of narrower diameters, and top mount – for pipes of bigger diameter. The system also comes with several set of wheels to match your specific pipe diameter.

You can view the inspection process on the integral LED backlit 10.4” high-definition TFT flat panel monitor packed in a sturdy Pelican case, put in text comments and process inspection data with WinCan compatible software. All inspection findings can be saved to a hard drive or a USB stick.

Higher speeds: STORMER S3000 pipe inspection robot is a powerful 15 Nm 4 wheel drive with chain transmission operating on 48 V DC motor. For you it means NO MORE:

  • Working in an awkward position
  • Pushing and pulling insertion probe, hoping the camera stays in the up-right position

You can choose between 5 speeds depending on the inspection requirements and save yourself considerable amounts of time and energy.
Pipe inspection robots mean greater independence from the operator, higher speeds, image quality and overall efficiency

Higher image quality: Pipe inspection robots feature innovative optics, which delivers high-quality complete images of the pipeline interior even when the robot moves on high speeds. The STORMER S3000 is equipped with a pan-and-tilt camera with continuous rotation and super-sensitive CMOS video chip (720x576 pixels) and lon
g-lasting adjustable LED lights that allow to capture every little defect of the pipeline interior. The camera is protected by Stainless steel housing with Aluminum anodized finish and is completely waterproof.

Overall efficiency: Pipe inspection robots allow you to inspect wider range of pipelines at just a fraction of effort of a conventional viewing device. Their agility, precision and portability make them irreplaceable tools that should be added to any inspection kit. If you want to conduct highly productive and economical inspections and receive informative reports at double the speed of a traditional borescope, pipe inspection robot is your choice.