Thursday, September 6, 2012

Videoscope for car maintenance

Articulated Videoscope QUASAR
Do you find it difficult to observe inner parts of engine? Videoscope with thin insertion probe will help you. 
You can inspect hidden and small parts of cylinder block and other parts. Image is transmitted from camera to the monitor with high resolution. The closer object to the tip of the videoscope, the larger it will be on screen. Then you can record image or video to SD card for further consideration if the repair case is difficult. The probe with 2-way articulation helps you to see every bit of inspected area.
Most car services like to use videoscopes. They support high quality car repair and make it faster. 
Videoscope Quasar can help you greatly, because it has a very durable steel braided insertion probe. You will not scratch it against shard edges of metal parts. Powerful LED light source in the end of probe illuminates well the area of inspection. About 3 meters length and 4 mm diameter of the probe provide access to every hard-to-reach place of engine. 
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