Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New Powerful Light Source

Borescope Light Source SPARK No doubt that the quality of light source is very important during non-destructive testing and inspection. LED light sources are used in optical endoscopy: in borescopes and fiberscopes.
SPARK LED light source is specially designed advanced NDT industry. It has a new LED chip, which is combined with a focal lens to produce 15% more light intensity then the most powerful light sources in the class.
The body of SPARK LED light source is made of high-grade aluminum with anodized finish. Due to the design the heat, produced by the LED element, is evenly allocated on the surface. 
The SPARK LED light source uses 3 standard AAA batteries, which can be purchased globally or in rechargeable form, Ni-MH, Li-ion or Alkaline, if you want to use it continually.
Portable and easy-to-operate the “Spark” LED light source is a must-have for routine remote visual inspections.
More details about this sofisticated light source are here  

Comparison of SPARK LED light source with competitors:

Comparison of SPARK light source to other oneLight intensity of SPARK LED light source in comparison

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