Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What is a good and affordable sewer camera?

Can affordable sewer cameras also be good, delivering high quality images, navigating different types of pipes with ease, portable and offering multiple features for documenting, viewing and organizing inspection findings?

Affordable sewer camera Caiman for pipe inspection
Yes, it can. The time when sewer cameras were expensive, bulky machines is long gone. Modern designers and manufacturers are closely following the needs and demands of Remote Visual Inspections industry, trying to create versatile, highly mobile and efficient viewing devices that would not only deliver exceptional inspection footages, make the work of inspectors much safer, easier and more productive, but would also be inexpensive cutting down overall inspections costs. What can be more important than gaining profit and gaining more clients at the same time?

CAIMAN Sewer Camera is one of those innovative devices offering a whole scope of advanced characteristics at an affordable price.

The Camera is equipped with a high-resolution CCD self-leveling camera and 18 high-output LED lights integrated at the tip of a flexible fiberglass probe that can navigate pipes up to 120 meter long and can be easily traced underground due to built-in 512 Hz sonde. The self-leveling feature ensures that the camera keeps the upright position inside the pipe at all times, which is important if the probe has to travel long distance or pass multiple bends. The camera head is protected by an anti-scratch Sapphire lens, which guarantees high quality picture for a long time even if you have to use the camera in harsh or scratchy environments. Both, the probe and the camera head, are tightly sealed and are 1 Bar water-proof, allowing for different types of sewer and drain inspections with submersion.

CAIMAN’s control unit is conveniently mounted on a light, compact wheeled reel that can house up to 120 meters of insertion probe. The control unit features a 7” digital monitor with 720 X 560 resolution.  Snapshots (JPEG), video (AVI) and audio (MPEG4) recordings of the inspection can be replayed right on site, sent to a computer through a USB cable or saved to a micro SD card.

Additional features include length counter, informing an operator of how much probe has been inserted, IR remote control, rechargeable Li-ion battery, 13.5V battery backup station with 10 hours working capacity.

CAIMAN offers users exceptional sewer inspection experience at no extra cost or effort.