Thursday, October 10, 2013

What is a good bore scope for day-to-day remote visual inspections?

Whether you are a hired professional operating on the company’s budget, self-employed businessman trying to be smart about the money you invest in your company’s development or just a responsible home-owner searching for a particular bore scope, it’s always important to ask yourself several questions before purchasing a piece of equipment for remote visual inspections – How versatile is it? Will I be able to use it for different applications or just one type of inspections? Am I planning to use it on the regular basis once the project, requiring the use of this particular tool, is over?

JT-Alpha Video Bore Scope with a joystick type articulationOne of the latest versatile imaging devices that has been tremendously popular among our clients lately is a small, compact, hand-held JT-AlphaVideo Borescope. This starts to make sense as you look closely at the scope of features it provides.

First of all, it is the highly intuitive single-handed operation it offers due to ergonomic, non-slip design and a joystick control and buttons conveniently located right under your fingertips. You can easily navigate the probe even through the tightest spaces, corners or bends as the probe’s short distal end articulates in four directions by means of the joystick control, and capture images by a single push of a button. And do all that with just one hand, which becomes especially handy if you have to work standing on a ladder or carry out inspections in extremely confined spaces.

Secondly, the four-way tip articulation does not only make the probe extremely maneuverable and pushable, it contributes to high quality, detailed inspection images. Take into account super intense LED lights illumination and a high-resolution (800x600) CMOS image sensor, and you receive a compact, highly maneuverable imaging device with exceptional viewing capabilities.

The scope also features a durable, flexible stainless steel braided insertion probe (available in different lengths and diameters), 3.5” TFT LCD display and a USB slot to transfer images to a SD card.

With all of that said, JT-Alfa definitely stands out from other videoscopes of its class as a highly portable, versatile viewing device that will greatly enhance your productivity and save you a great deal of money in the long run.