Sunday, April 28, 2013

Borescope and iPhone

The application of smartphones now goes far beyond their main usage as phones. You can see an interesting device - borescope adapter for iPhone, which transforms the smartphone into a kind of videoscope with rigid probe.
To see a new borescope that can be used with IPhone, IPad or Android devices - please visit this page.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Introduction to Orion-USB borescope inspection camera

A new USB video borescope opens new frontiers in borescope inspection. With this borescope USB handle it is possible to connect a wide variety of probes to any laptop, desktop or tablet and make it a perfect tool for inspection. Many probes are available: rigid, rigid with articulation, flexible and flexible with articulation and length from 1 meter to 30 meters. Please watch the following video introducing this outstanding videoscope. You can find more information here. 

Friday, April 5, 2013

How to Use an Inspection Camera?

    Today borescope testing gains more and more popularity. But some technicians doubt if they have enough skills to work with an inspection camera. However working with it does not require special knowledge or skills. There are some simple rules to follow. 
Inspection Camera "Voyager" Snake Scope

First of all it is necessary to determine the correct length and diameter of insertion probe. Then you have to think about what is better to use – rigid or flexible probe. If you need to document your inspection, you would need an inspection camera, which has a special monitor hub with recording ability.
    With the help of an optical borescope you will perform a visual inspection through a device eyepiece. Insert the probe with caution through the inlet and switch on the light source. You will immediately see the desired area. In case of an inspection camera turn the power on to activate the device and the light source, and insert the probe. If light intensity is too strong, you can gradually decrease it. Press on recording button and your video will be recorded in AVI or other format onto an SD card.
    Remember that borescope probes are rather fragile; therefore it is better to avoid excessive bending or forcing.
    Here is an example of using an inspection camera to inspect a car engine. When a car has an interference engine, if the timing belt failed, it is quite possible that the pistons hit valves before the engine stopped completely. After a compression test, if the valves are bent they will not seal properly, and the compression readings will be low. Then you can take a scope and inspect through the spark plug holes and look for impressions on the piston tops. Inspection cameras with 2 meter long probes and tip articulation are the most convenient for this kind of inspection. The flexible probe will show the damage that may have occurred without disassembling the top part of the engine. 
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