Monday, November 19, 2012

Rigid Video Borescope in Action

Rigid Video Borescope KINGFISHER
As you know, rigid borescopes have many advantages. Such borescopes include a system of glass rod lenses, stainless steel probe with eyepiece. They provide a very clear image. But there is one little problem - you can generally make eye inspections, without recording. And what  if you want to keep your nice moments of work forever?  
Here comes Kingfisher video borescope - combination of rigid borescope with high precision optics and video scope with monitor and recording function.

 The Kingfisher rigid video borescopes are used in many areas of inspections including gun barrels, pipes, castings etc. All of these scopes feature glass rod lenses, a complimentary LED light handle for illumination, and an optional angle of view of 0, 30, 70, 90, or in some sizes 110 degrees. Diameter can be 2.7 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm. 
The video camera chip provides a clear, colorful image of the inspection area, which is displayed on portable monitor.  You can view image on monitor or record it to SD card or see live view on external larger TV monitor. 

Please review sample images of objects just 0.01 mm in size. The focus distance of Kingfisher rigid video borescope is from 1 cm to infinity, so it is possible to view very small objects. 

A video output jack transfers the image to a larger TV monitor allowing you to discuss repairs, and troubleshooting directly with customers.

As you can see here, Kingfisher videoscope can be used as a microscope. The smallest parts are visible

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