Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Super Thin Videoscope with Articulation

4mm Articulated Videoscope RIGEL
As you know small diameter of videoscope probe allows you to observe more details in hidden places. Sometimes the entry is very small, just several millimeters. A videoscope with small diameter of probe can let you observe every tiny place. 
Soon everybody will be glad to find a new videoscope Rigel with 4 mm diameter and 2-way articulation. The probe of this videoscope is gas, diesel, oil, and water proof. The camera with powerful light source offers clear color image on the display with high resolution. Its features are similar to its brother - 5.5 mm Rigel - but with much smaller probe!
I think that this videoscope is a must-have for automotive and aviation industry and many other applications.
See more details about Rigel 4mm articulated videoscope here

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