Friday, April 20, 2012

Why Should i Use Snake Camera?

Snake Camera VOYAGER
Recently I visited several forums in various spheres: plumbing, car repair and others. I was amazed how popular so called snake cameras were. Many technicians look for economical still efficient solution of their inspection needs.   
A snake camera consists of a color monitor and a flexible probe with a camera and LED light source in the tip. Length 1 or 2 meters are among the most popular.  There are many offers and much competition in the market.  
Once I discussed what snake camera is the best for car inspection.  Quite often one considers only pricing. No doubt, it is one of important aspects. But apart from price there are many others: convenience of use and design, reliability and after-sales service and so on.
Please, read a nice article about snake cameras. You will find a nice comparison and professional description of snake cameras available on the market.

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