Friday, April 6, 2012

Duct HVAC Camera

Inspection of HVAC duct with borescopeDuct (HVAC) cleaning is an important part of maintaining good air quality in any building, if ducts are not being cleaned properly, air polluted by dust and other fine particles that can be harmful, will be circulated throughout the system. 
The best way to ensure ducts are being cleaned completely is to visually inspect them, this can now be accomplished using HVAC inspection cameras. These CCTV cameras are composed of a digital inspection camera attached to a push rod to enable the camera to access all parts of the duct work. With these HVAC cameras, small, normally inaccessible places in duct work can now be remotely visually inspected during and after cleaning to ensure a thorough job is done. Real time video of ducts can be seen by cleaning professionals and be shown to customers using a HVCA dust inspection camera, allowing them to appreciate the state of duct work before and after cleaning. Using a dust camera will also ensure dusts are properly and completely cleaned the first time. Proper use of a HVAC camera system will save you and your customers, time, effort, and money, and increase your productivity.
Camera head of HVAC duct cameraAll kinds of portable inspection devices now available on the market, semi rigid borescopes (aka Snake Cameras) are very popular and Medit's Voyager scope can be used for duct inspection as well. If you're looking for better quality picture and more remote access (up to 40 meter) Viper or Viper-S portable push cameras would be the best choice. You can also check out our Anaconda Pan-and-Tilt camera if you need as more visual access and maneuvering as possible. 
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