Monday, April 9, 2012

Several Reasons to Use Sewer Cameras

Video Inspection of pipes and sewer systems is becoming more and more important, and is done with a digital inspection camera essentially attached to a push snake rod to provide the user with a push camera inserted down the pipes and that is able to inspect the inside of these pipes that would otherwise be inaccessible. 
The snake camera is attached to a screen for real time visualization that can also be recorded. These plumbing cameras can help visualize clogs and damage to pipes and sewer systems quickly in residential and commercial buildings. As a plumber finding the root cause of the problem in a pipe or sewer system in a timely manner will greatly increase productivity. Being able to use a pipe camera to visualize problems will aid you in permanently fixing plumbing problems the first time they occur. Knowing the specific nature of a plumbing problem will also help you better determine the most efficient way to deal with drain problems, saving you and your customers, time, effort, and money.
Plumbing Camera for inspection with a reel
Most demanded products for plumbers are Viper and Viper-S push cameras. These are reliable still chip CCTV portable push cameras that featured waterproof probe with a CCD chip for crisper image, bright LED lights, 7” TFT LCD display and image/video recording. With working length up to 40 meters they can be used for inspections of either main or lateral lines. For basic inspections of sinks, and toilet joints, plumbers prefer our most affordable Voyager snake camera.

Pipe Inspection Cameras can be used for a variety of functions, including:
  • Check the specific nature of a clog or damage
  • Determine exact area of damage or clog
  • Verify the blockage been removed following service
  • Determine types of pipes used
  • Inspect new pipes  and sewer systems
  • Check condition of older pipes and sewer systems
  • Recognize problem areas before there is damage or clogs.
  • Locate pipes underground or in walls
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