Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Case Studies: Making Quality Portable

Please look through this testimony how borescope can help:

General Automotive Manufacturing Co. LLC (GA, Franklin, WI) needed to find inspection tools that could be used inside deep bores and in small diameter holes. The company also needed to report defects and process problems more quickly to manufacturing teams in order to ensure on time delivery of orders with no incidents of defects. Burrs, sharp edges and other defects can be extremely detrimental, particularly in the case of mission-critical parts.
According to Gary Kosterman, GA quality manager, the borescopes fit in multiple work cells where necessary. Each cell is a self-contained manufacturing team that includes a visual inspection station. The inspection stations are equipped with a borescope, a portable or fixed-light source, and often a video monitor to allow the operator to view part images quickly and comfortably. This system provides immediate detection capabilities at the point of operation and allows containment of defects early in the manufacturing process.
Although the borescope’s primary function is to check machined parts, engineers also use them to diagnose the cause when an assembly line machine is experiencing trouble. GA engineers have found that the borescopes save them time and labor, as well as giving them the accurate images they need without slowing down production.
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