Monday, August 27, 2007

Videoscopes: Discovering new horizons!

Bees life explored with videoscope
No secret that Medit Inc offers a wide range of inspection devices: borescopes, fiberscopes and videoscopes. But what many people don’t know is that these medical and industrial tools are also used to make movies and television programs. Here we’d like to take a look at a bright example of videoscopic film-making.
Today, these interesting devices are widely used for tasks ranging from emergency rescue to aircraft engine and nuclear power plant maintenance. Wonderful that as technology has advanced, the image quality and mobility of videoscope systems have improved, thousands of unexpected new uses have been found for these versatile tools. Two cinematographers, Jeff Morales and Alastair MacEwen, made an interesting film for National Geographic Television & Film’s popular Explorer series and television specials. Their one-hour program, titled ‘Insect Wars,’ gives viewers an inside look at a world they would otherwise never see.
Murder, torture and imprisonment may be the standard tools of repressive regimes – but humans do not have a monopoly on such tactics. But I'm sure we shouldn't act like insects - we are human beings!
Videoscopes played a key role in capturing some of ‘Insect Wars’ most dramatic footage. When you watch Matabele warrior ants mount an attack in South Africa, or slave-taking Polyergus ants conduct a raid in Arizona, you feel the presence of giant insect empires engaged in war.
Videoscopes also take us inside a hive of honeybees to show the unique defense mechanism of bees to protect their nest – with heat generated by vibrating their bodies.
No doubt, the future will discover new fascinating examples of videoscope application. Maybe you will pioneer these new areas of application. And our company will do help you! 

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