Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Why use Borescope and Fiberscope?

fiberscope with articulating tip

  • You will view the inaccessible areas with crystal clarity: MEDIT borescopes are high quality optical tools designed to penetrate places where your eyes can't go. They are self illuminating, and deliver a brightly lit, magnified image of the inspected area to the eyepiece. 
  • You will speed up inspections: Even the toughest inspections will be done quickly. And there is no interpretation needed. Therefore, labor is reduced and equipment downtime is cut.
  • You will improve preventive maintenance: You will do close-up interior inspections without the need for dismantling equipment. Estimate needed repairs. And identify potential problems before they become major headaches.
  • You will cut manufacturing re-work: By examining new equipment interiors for signs of damage before installing them, you will cut re-work frequency. Maintain quality control levels. And improve vendor responsiveness.
  • You will increase safety: With borescope inspections you will ensure proper operation of relief valves, rupture discs, piping, boiler flames, etc. Find corrosion, cracks, blockages, materials buildup and coatings early, before they cause serious damage. And view hazardous operations from a safe distance.
  • The complete line of MEDIT borescopes includes rigid and fiberoptic borescopes, flexible fiber optic fiberscopes, video cameras for borescope and fiberscopes, Software Image and Video Recording systems.

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