Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What users say about applications of MEDIT borescopes:

I had borrowed scopes before. I use it to look into the cylinder bores on race engines to check for piston / bore damage, saves taking the engine a part to check. I also use it after draining the oil in race engines, to check for signs of premature wear of the crank. Also looking inside gear boxes and differentials. Really any mechanical part that is normally removed for visual checking, many can be visually checked with the scope.
Phil Wall Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

I will be using the fibrescope during survey work looking for bats in crevices in walls, wood joints in old barns or just about anywhere the little critters can go.
In Europe bats are protected species along with their roosts. As such if you want to convert buildings or carry out work on buildings which may contain bats you have to have a survey done to check if any are present.
If they are present then restrictions on the works can be imposed by the planning authorities. It generally works okay, for the bats and the developers.
A colleague of mine bought one from you a couple of weeks ago, I have been a little put off from buying one from overseas because of the cost etc but after seeing and playing with his I knew it was what I wanted. At the moment the Provision is the usual make that is used by the initiated but quite frankly I have used the 30cm and the 91cm models and they are not a patch on yours. The recommended one for bat survey work is 91cm and 11mm diameter. It is over priced, not as flexible, picture
quality not as bright and just awkward to use.
Fibrescopes will be used more and more I anticipate; because of the ease of use and more accuracy of surveys, to that end are you perhaps interested in a UK agent for perhaps selling your fibrescopes? They will always be a small niche market for bat work, but my above mentioned colleague has been using his during some survey work for Great Crested Newts (Another European protected species) so the more people get used to fibrescopes at reasonable prices the more they will want.

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John Morgan.
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