Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Video Borescope Is Easier To Use

I found an article describing the convenience of videoscope using for engine maintenance. It's just an example of borescope application, and we offer far better products than described here. If you are looking for a good instrument for engine servicing, you are welcome here.

JT8D engines are borescoped on an "as needed" basis, such as when significant fan-blade FOD is found and maintainers suspect compressor damage farther downstream. Another reason to look at a compressor is when an engine experiences a stall, surge or chug. The only way to know if the problem was caused by compressor-blade damage is to use a borescope.

Older borescope equipment found at each squadron's Raytheon on-site storeroom (OSS) has a large eyepiece and is difficult to use. The Navy now has a six-millimeter videoprobe borescope available for C-9B and DC-9 squadrons.

This new gear uses a hand-held videoscreeen in place of an eyepiece, has the capability to measure damage found by the probe, and saves the image to floppy disk. You can view these photos on a computer screen and transmit them by e-mail. The small diameter of the insertion tube, 6 mm vs. 8 mm on the old type borescope, allows easier access to the 13th stage blades. Access is gained by going through the igniter-plug hole near the compressor-discharge area.

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