Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why Do I Need a Borescope?

There are many applications where borescopes are useful and even critical. Borescopes are used routinely by quality control departments to inspect machined parts for automotive and aviation components. Key components such as fuel nozzles, manifolds, hydraulic components and systems, welded tubing, engine cylinders, valve seats are all inspected using borescopes. The borescope allows the inspector to see defects inside the part that would otherwise go undetected, causing a potential failure down the road. Without borescopes, quality control people often resort to destructive testing which is both costly and time consuming. Borescopes can pay for themselves quickly by finding problems BEFORE the parts get to the customer, by eliminating the need for destructive testing, and by improving overall quality.
Gunsmiths and precision shooters also use borescopes to inspect rifle bores. for defects, wear, fouling and erosion.
Aviation mechanics use borescopes to inspect turbine engines, to inspect compressors and fuel nozzles to inspect combustion chambers and many structural inspections as well.
Auto and diesel engine mechanics use borescope to inspect cylinders, piston crowns, valves and valve seats. This often prevents costly time consuming tear down.
Building inspectors use borescope to view behind walls for structural issues, mold, termite damage, water damage, etc.
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