Monday, June 3, 2013

Tips for Best Mainline and Infrastructure Inspection

It is vitaly important to examine sanitary infrastructure before buying a property or making investments, and before building new estate objects. 
Sewer pipe problems have indicators, which can be revealed during video inspection of pipe system. Some of the most noticeable signs are: 

  • Water stains - sign that the sewer line is not draining properly. 
  • Physical damages - cracked walls or floors suggest movement of the foundation.
  • Outside “cleanouts” - outside cleanout that is not original to the home is a possible sign that repair was performed recently.
  • Trees - near the area of the yard where the sewer line runs should always be cause for concern, because their routes can break old pipelines.
  • Hidden damages of pipeline - can be detected only during video inspection with the help of special cameras. 
Manhole Camera for inspectionsA new CYCLOPS Manhole Inspection Camera can be used for inspection in sewer, water, and waste mainlines, ducts and pipes. This unit has a telescopic rod for easy single-user operation and ideal for pipes with diameter from 200 mm (8’’) to 2.000 mm (78’’). This Inspection camera is equipped with a new generation of LED lights that automatically illuminate the inspection area at zoom in. CYCLOPS manhole camera has a powerful zoom (36×optical and 12×digital) with a detection distance up to 80 meters. The camera body tilts automatically up 45° and down 90°. Inspections can be recorded by either image (MPEG) or video (MPEG4/AVI) capture and saved onto a 4Gb SD memory card. The imaging hub is equipped with a 5.7’’ TFT color monitor with 640x480 pixel resolution.
You can learn more about these inspection cameras here

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