Friday, June 7, 2013

What is a Sewer Camera Inspection

Because sewer lines are located underground, the problems with them are often hard to detect until they come in the open, as let’s say a sewage back-up. 
Sewer lines may be flat, offset, root-infested, or even broken, which can end-up in reoccurring sewer clogs or back-ups, leading to property damage, loss of operating time for businesses and costly repairs. However, sewer camera inspection can spare you from this nerve-racking experience. This new non-destructive testing (NDT) approach allows both contractors and their clients to save time and money on excavation jobs while getting a full picture of the problem area.
Inspection Process with Sewer Camera
Inspection with Sewer Camera
Having a sewer line inspection before buying a property will allow you to negotiate on the price and even ask for a discount in case there are sewer line problems. Sewer camera inspections are important regardless of the age of the home, as there may be hidden problems that you won’t be able to detect just by running water in the bathroom sink.
There are several ways to inspect a pipeline remotely depending on the nature of the problem. NDT specialists can run a snake in the pipeline through a manhole in the street, or check the condition of your pipes right in your bathroom or kitchen.

Usually sewer cameras consist of an insertion probe with a camera integrated into its tip. There are different lengths and diameters of probes, and various types of cameras for specific applications. You can watch the whole process on the display. 

Sewer camera inspections are also important as a preventative measure, before pipeline relining, or when cleaning a pool. They can not only detect clogs in the pipelines, but inform you of the condition of the pipeline and what kind of material was used to construct it, thus allowing you to make an educated decision on future repairs and plan the budget.   

Benefits of sewer camera inspections:

  • No need to pay over and over again to repair reoccurring sewer problems
  • No unnecessary tearing apart the whole area or digging
  • No guesswork
  • No paying for repairs that aren’t your responsibility
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