Thursday, May 30, 2013

Videoscope for Gas Cylinder Inspection

There are many industrial areas which require careful inspection. Gas Safety Regulations demand regular inspection of gas cylinders for defects. Many techniques are used to achieve this. Often visual inspection by borescope or video borescope is applied. The insertion probe of videoscope is inserted into empty cylinder and the operator can observe the inner surface. 

Bore Scope JT Alpha by MEDIT

A new videoscope is offered to perform such inspections. JT Alpha bore scope offers 4-way articulation and easy navigation and control by joystick. High resolution screen depicts nice image. Steel braiding protects the probe from scratches. Powerful LED light source provides a good illumination. JT Alpha video bore scope is an efficient tool that makes the work of video inspections cost-effective, comfortable, fast and highly productive.
You can see more information about this class bore scopes following this link

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