Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sample Video Taken by Orion II Videoscope

Videoscope ORION with a flexible insertion probe
Orion II videoscope has a light weight, extremely portable design, and meet current requirements for Remote Visual Inspection.
A full range of interchangeable probes with different diameters, lengths, and directions of view (DOV), are available, making this a highly useful and indispensable tool. Inspection probes range from 3.9 mm to 10 mm in diameter, and are all water-, oil-, diesel-, gasoline- proof (IP 57) with an integrated high resolution CMOS Video Camera chip. Four bright LED lights give brilliant illumination with a button on the monitor to control the light intensity, virtually eliminating glare when inspecting reflective or metallic surfaces. This videoscope is used in automotive inspection, in welding inspection and in many other areas. 
Please see below the sample video taken by Orion II videoscope with the thinnest 3.9 mm insertion probe.

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