Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Python Push Camera

Meet a new push camera from Python family: Python-S. Why S in the name? This push camera has a self-leveling camera unit and a built-in 512Hz sonde. This push camera is a great device for video inspection of sewers and drain waters, main lines and laterals, ducts, wells, boilers, tanks and power plants.
The Python's self leveling camera head contains a high resolution Sharp CCD chip, 30 LED lights with adjustable brightness, a flexible spring coiled joint to navigate corners and a Sapphire lens to resist scratching. Due to the self-leveling feature the camera chip is always right side up expanding your ability to clearly see the inspection area. 
Length of insertion probe can reach 70 or 120 meters. With USB port you can always transfer files to computer. 
Please find more details here

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