Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Push Camera for Pipe Inspection

What is a push camera?
These inspection cameras consist of a long insertion probe with a flexible "goose-neck" for getting around corners.
Push cameras are used for pipeline, pipes inspection in plumber, repair of inspection work. LED lights give adequate illumination and camera on the tip capture clear images and allow image and video saving.
You can see an example of a nice pipe camera. The 26mm (1”) diameter is great to inspect wider pipes, machinery or castings, ducts, wells, or disposal areas, and industrial lines. The live color image is provided by a ¼” CMOS video camera chip in the tip. Illumination comes from 12 LED lights positioned around the camera chip protected by a solid steel head. Live images are displayed on the portable monitor.
You can review more features of this pipe camera here.

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