Friday, April 23, 2010

Economical Portable Flexible Borescope

Portable flexible fiberscope fast facts:

  • Inspect and explore inaccessible areas using one-hand operation.
  • Clearly focus on objects as close as 1.2 inch to 15 inch away.
  • Mirror adapter 70, 90, 120° view for various angled viewing add even more inspection value.

low cost borescope
  • Integrated focus ring for smooth, continuous focusing
  • 920mm or 460 mm long insertion tube will reach deep into walls, drains, vents, engine blocks, etc. and requires only a 4mm opening
  • Flexible, cable bends in every direction to allow precise viewing
  • Durable insertion tube is both rugged, water and oil resistant, allowing you to get in the most difficult places.
  • Convenient, adjustable eyepiece Super Bright Xenon lamp illuminates dark locations for clear viewing
  • Rugged ALUMINIUM carrying case, sealed lens and cable are submersible for underwater use
  • Operates on 2 AA batteries

  • Checking blocked air conditioner evaporator coils
  • Examining heat exchangers
  • Feeding thermostat wires
  • Insect and rodent inspection
  • Building and houses inspection
  • Checking for ductwork clearance
  • Verifying duct integrity during installations and renovations
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft
  • Safe and locksmiths
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