Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Borescope Inspection Applications on Commercial Ships

Borescopes and videoscopes are used to remotely inspect a variety of internal areas on large commercial ships. These ships range from large yachts to and oil tankers. Borescopes are to ensure that the ship is in good condition.

Borescope and Videoscope  Applications include:
  • Diesel Engines and Turbines. Borescope inspections of engines and turbines on commercial ships is essential to ensure that the power plants are functioning properly and can continue to safely operate without unnecessary maintenance.
  • Grey water lines. Commercial ships need to inspect long lengths of gray water lines using long push or pipe inspection cameras. The ship board pipes can be checked for corrosion, pitting and prevent potential problems.
  • Bulkheads and confined spaces. A large commercial ship or cruise line is filled with tightly confined spaces that need to be periodically checked for condition. Videoscope can easily access the smallest areas to check for corrosion and other defects.
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