Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Borescope for Automobile

Visual Inspection has many applications in the automotive industry. You can use borescopes and videoscopes to inspect internals engine castings, cylinder bores, gearboxes, body shells and finished vehicles. You can study many various problems without teardown with an automotive borescope including finding sources of unwanted noise and checking internal component condition for carbon deposits and wear, identifying corrosion and confirming component failure. Borescopes can be used cost-effectively in automotive applications. Automotive Applications include:

  • Engine - valve damage, cylinder inspection, head gaskets and piston top
  • Clutch - condition and thickness of lining – condition of springs of pressure plate and thrust bearing
  • Transmission and differential – ring, bevel gear inspection – seals and shaft bearing inspection
  • Body and Chassis – inspection of hollow members to detect cracks and corrosion

You can learn more about use of borescopes in automotive inspection

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