Saturday, July 5, 2008

Most Flexible Fiberscopes

Fiberscope by Medit
I would like to tell you about flexible borescopes, which offer a bright and clear analog image of the inspection area. These Fiberscopes are designed with an ergonomic hand piece, a flexible insertion tube and a detachable light cable.You can choose between 12,000 or 20,000 glass fiber optic pixels. The insertion tube is made of a resin coated braided steel. It is water and oil proof. The fiberscopes have 70 degrees field of view, 2 or 4 way tip articulation with a minimum of 90 degrees in each direction and a focusable eyepiece. All Fiberscopes are supplied with a removable portable LED light handle and a carrying case for safe transportation.
These scopes can be used in Aviation and Automotive Maintenance, Industrial Machinery, Building Inspections, Search and Rescue Operations, Customs and Police Inspections, Oil and Gas Industry. Fiberscopes provide a clear image of areas, which are normally impossible to inspect.

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