Monday, June 2, 2008

USB Videoscopes: New and Better

This time you can see a successful addtion to existing USB video borescopes. Now there are two more models with insertion tubes with diameter 9 mm (0.354'') and length of 91 and 150 cm (36'' - 59'').
NEW industrial Flexible USB Video Borescope (videoscope) is a whole new innovation that we use in digital image transfer instead of transferring analog image through optical fiber.
The way of transferring image in this Flexible USB Video Borescope is quite different with the traditional optical fiber endoscope technology.
Flexible USB Video Borescope (videoscope) can provide not only higher image resolution than normal fiberscope but also can take still picture and record video for user needs. It is the total solution for replacing traditional industrial fiberscope.
You can find more details here 

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