Thursday, January 24, 2008

Borescope, Connectable to PC – Nice Solution

usb inspection camera
Medit, Inc. continues to offer the best solutions for your inspection needs. Today Medit presents a new Portable USB Video Borescope.
This new industrial Flexible USB Inspection Camera is a whole new innovation. Instead of transferring analog image via optical fiber this device utilizes digital image transfer. This new USB Video Borescope provides higher image resolution than normal fiberscope. This Video Borescope can take still pictures and record video. You can easily connect this Borescope to your PC and watch an enlarged view of the inspected area.
The sphere of its application is giant. This Flexible USB Video Borescope suits perfectly to Aircraft, Marine, Locksmiths, Auto-Repair or any other industries that would require storing individual database for clients. It is very convenient to inspect whatever you need with the help of this Inspection Camera. It is the total solution for replacing traditional industrial fiberscope.
Among its characteristics we only mention its insertion tube length 36" (91 mm) and only 10 mm in outer diameter. The resolution is 400,000 pixel, which is enough for any kind of inspection needs. Each unit is packed in an aluminum case, including USB cable and CD driver.
Discover the World of Medit Borescopes, Fiberscopes and Videoscopes!

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