Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Portable Videoscope Becomes Widely Available

Medit Inc is very glad to present its new Portable Video Borescope. 
This Portable Video Borescope is a nice solution if you need a good videoscope but not ready to pay $15,000 - $60,000 for a complete videoscope. This new borescope is designed to provide a low cost video inspection of hard-to-reach areas.
The set includes the Video Borescope with a LED light handle, RCA cable and a portable video capturing device. You can connect the borescope directly to TV monitor or use it with the portable video device. No secret how it is important to get a bright clear image of areas under inspection. A live video image is generated directly from the tip if the insertion tube, not through fiber optic cable. This solution gives you much brighter image than any fiberscope!
With the help of the video capturing device you can see real time video of your inspections and capture it for future processing, archiving or educational purposes.
Purchasing this video borescope you get everything required for portable inspections without any power cables or outlets.
Discover the World of Medit Videoscopes!

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