Saturday, December 8, 2007

New Videoscope System from Medit

Medit Inc presents a new powerful Alpha-V1 videoscope system as best solution to all of your inspection needs. Videoscope has many advantages and it pays for itself. The Alpha-V1 gives you a portable system that is lightweight to improve inspection time. The videoscope system provides high resolution still or moving images which help to improve detection any flaws. This system is a complete system with picture and video capabilities. You can save them to a CompactFlash™ memory card. Then you can download images to your computer for archiving or data processing. A carrying case provides a complete protection for your Alpha-V-1 video system. 24 watt Metal Halide light source gives you a bright image. You can view pictures on a large 6.5” TFT display. The diameter of probe is 4 mm, and with its 2000 mm length the system can reach the most difficult places for inspection.
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