Thursday, October 4, 2007

Use of a borescope to inspect building cavities

A good example how a borescope can be used in building industry.

Sometimes it is necessary to check for mold inside building constructions.
Unless a building area is already visibly damaged or moldy, we proceed with as little damage or "invasiveness" as possible. Often no invasive cuts are needed to see into a building cavity. Often an experienced inspector who knows where to look, can reach very reliable conclusions about hidden mold with no damage to a property at all. Or we can perform non-damaging invasive inspection such as the careful removal of trim for further inspection.
Where a 2" diameter hole is not permitted, we may explore using this small borescope which requires a hole about the diameter of a pencil. Often this probe can be inserted behind loose trim or in existing building openings to permit a limited-access view of building cavities without any destructive cuts at all.

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