Monday, October 1, 2007

Borescopes from Medit Inc provide the brightest possible images…

Medit Inc offers a wide range of rigid borescopes for professional users. The borescopes provide a very bright, clear, detailed images.
Medit borescopes are equipped with new objective lenses with a wider view field and light sources. The brighter illumination makes even challenging applications routine.
A wide choice of different models (from 2.7 mm-175mm to 4 mm-330 mm) means that there is a borescope to suit most applications and budgets. Most machined metal parts afford ample access for the Medit micro borescope to see burrs and surface finish in bores and cross holes. You can find other types of borescopes for looking into larger, dark spaces including automotive and aircraft cylinders, pressure vessels, pipes and even within building wall cavities.
You can also buy a carry case, portable light source and a coupler for PC connection.
You can purchase these wonderful devices at our specialized online store

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