Monday, February 11, 2013

The Best Solution for Contractor

Inspection CCTV cameras become very popular for inspection of chimney surfaces. They are convenient for small diameter chimney, old stone flues in unknown condition to get safety certificates, etc. Chimney and fireplace systems need video inspections as much as other ducts or canals in the buildings.  

A new and cost effective solution for inspection of ducts, chimneys and fireplaces is offered. Contractors, who seek the best solution for their needs, can choose Viper push camera with PoleCat. Viper push camera has a semi-rigid probe with length 20, 35 or 40 meters, powerful light source and sensitive video camera with sapphire glass lens. The PoleCat allows using a long pole to support the camera. And it is a very important feature: generally chimney inspection cameras have a soft cable to use only from the roof level downwards. However Viper push camera with the PoleCat can be used from both levels: roof and ground, upwards. Besides it is possible to fix the camera at various angles for better view.

Viper pushcamera with PoleCat is the best solution due to its easy design and very reasonable price, considerably cheaper than common chimney inspection camera in the market. Besides this set provides versatile usage for every, even complicated construction of air duct, chimney or fireplace. 

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