Thursday, February 23, 2012

Application of videoscope in aircraft inspection

Videoscope QUASAR for inspection
In many industries and by many professionals, scopes have been used as widespread instruments. In the medical profession, for instance, an endoscope is used to access internal areas that are hard to reach. 
Similar equipment is used for aircraft inspection. Inspectors use videoscope, a kind of borescope, for this. It boasts of its monitor unit and flexible probe. This probe has its own camera with light source of tip, while LEDs are placed around the camera for easier conduct of inspection.
Quasar videoscope can be used as rigid inspection instruments that have the ability to go around almost every limit. The images provided often come in high quality. For an aircraft inspection, it is best to use the Quasar videoscope that offers a flexible kind of borescope ideal for industrial inspections. 
The Quasar videoscope is preferred for aircraft inspection since it provides topnotch resolution. This is also known for its ease of use.
Quasar videoscope can be easily manipulated because of its flexible tube allowing the viewer to see more distant areas. It also has a high-performance lithium ion battery that can last for up to six hours of operation. Users may also use support straps to ensure better mobility—depending on the actual model being used.
Through videoscopes, aircraft inspectors can identify and fix problems in a very short period of time. The Quasar 2-way videoscope, for instance, is best for industrial environments. This model has a stainless steel braided jacket as well as a two-way tip articulation. It can be controlled easily through a dial on the monitor, making it useful for engine and PT6 turbine inspections and repairs.
Technology has made things a lot easier, including the process of inspecting aircraft. One needs to know how to use it properly and how to get the value of their money’s worth. Videoscopes are also a way to ensure the safety of the entire aircraft benefitting those who use it for work.
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