Monday, July 25, 2011

Quasar videoscope - convenient action for car inspection

This time I would like to tell you about a nice and convenient videoscope Quasar for car inspection. Though I heard that it can be used not only in car services - aviation, pipe inspection, building and what's not! Everywhere you can use this tool. 
But now - car inspection. I decided to test this videoscope for cars. When I hang it on my neck, I felt it very convenient to use, because the monitor was in the right distance from my eyes. The picture was sharp. This videoscope had articulation of tip and I easily turned the tip. I was sure not to break or cut the probe, because it was covered with steel (unlike other PVC coated models). It was easy to inspect every bit of suspension. I found it also very convenient to inspect inner parts of engine. Illuminations was quite enough for video. Small diameter allowed me to see even cylinders inside. I also checked wiring through a small split. So, after this short testing I was sure in this attractive tool. I recorded all my videos to SD card and transferred them to a laptop after test. 
Next day I decided to show this videoscope to my friend, who works in near-by car service. I am sure he will like it.
Oh, I quite forgot, please see some more details about Quasar videoscope here

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