Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Industrial Fiberscope with New Powerful LED light source

Industrial Fiberscope set includes a new portable LED light source. Now Fiberscope set allows efficient work with mobility. The light intensity of the light source is comparable with Metal Halide light source, however with immense portability. Please see short video comparing this light source with Metal Halide one:  Comparison of light sources
The Fiberscope set with this light source can be used in severe climatic conditions, where other light sources cannot work.  One of the most important features of this LED light source is a very durable LED bulb with practically endless resource.
 Some features and specifications of the light source –
-          Intensity more than 50 000 Lux
-          Light Intensity Switch
-          Light weight Aluminum body
-          Waterproof IPX 7
-          Rechargeable battery
-          Battery life (at full illumination) 45 min.
-          Battery charger included

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